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Your favourite Summer Heights High teach Mr G now has his own singalong!  The Mr G Singalong will create an endless stream of excitement for the Falls audience to re-experience the original series up on the big screen, sing along to the songs from Mr G: The Musical and more. Getting set to premiere at the Sydney Opera House in January, Falls audiences will witness a sneak peak! In the words of the man himself “Drama changes lives”

Please note: Neither Chris Lilley nor Mr G will be appearing.


Winner of our Seed Fund slot: Jesse Davidson has been touring relentlessly for the past few months, making the most of his free time since finishing school last year, supporting the likes of Mac Demarco and Ball Park Music on their respective national tours as well as hitting the road with Eves on a recent joint-headline run. A finalist in the 2012 triple j Unearthed High competition, Davidson has been collecting loyal fans since with his dreamy sounds and soaring voice. Recording tracks in his Jesse’s bedroom in the Adelaide foothills and at various Brisbane studios with members of The Preatures, ‘Ocean’ is a diverse listen and an assured debut.


Tasmania’s very first Samba band! Chicada is composed of 24 local percussionists, made up from a mixture of Tasmanians from all over the world. Prmoising to bring authentic Brasilian zeal and copious amounts of style to Falls this NYE. Their repertoire incorporates an immense variety of samba music from the schools of Salvador do Bahia to the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro.


Musician, percussionist, composer, performer. Just a few of the many hats that Byron Bay electro-genius Ben Walsh dons when preparing for a performance. Whether it’s his energetic show utilizing an eight drum wheel or his solo work with jazz infused jungle and electronica, he’s an unstoppable force and has earned himself the reputation as one of Australia’s foremost live electronic artists.


Pitching themselves somewhere between Modest Mouse, The Presets and something altogether more ethereal, Hobart upstarts Tiger Choir have their eyes on your heartstrings. Coming together in 2009, these synth wizards use guitars, falsetto and drum machines to create vibrant bursts of sun-drenched pop. Perhaps triple j presenter Dom Alessio said it best when he warned us to expect “rainbows shooting from the speakers” as we listen. Paying their dues and racking up frequent flyer points by supporting the likes of Deerhunter, The Drums, Holy Fuck! and Regurgitator, the lads have just dropped a couple of choice singles in ‘Shani’ and ‘All Time’ as anticipation for their debut record goes beyond fever pitch.


Get ready to dance! Australian disco-pop duo Bag Raiders are back in a huge way with their new EP Waterfalls and a new album slated for early 2016.  It’s been about 5 years since their self-titled debut graced everyone’s ears with delicious tunes like ‘Shooting Stars’ and ‘Sunlight’ that oozed bounties of shimmering synths and earned them rankings in triple j’s Hottest 100. With a new release comes a new sound and the boys seem to be hitting their stride, “Waterfalls” has it all – falsetto vocals, beachy percussion, and juicy melodies which make this a fun one that will be perfect for their live set at Falls this summer.


As one of Australia’s favourite guitarists, vocalists and songwriters, Ash Grunwald has left no stone unturned in his lifelong quest to communicate and spread his love for music. His latest record NOW comes hot on the back of a massive tour of Canada, which included shows with the likes of Wilco and Jose Gonzales. Loft company indeed, but company in which Grunwald would find himself deservingly at ease. Recorded in the traditional “power trio” sense with synth player Ian Peres (formerly of Wolfmother), NOW and its accompanying single ‘Second Guess’ showcases a side of Ash Grunwald that will be both thrilling and comforting to fans longtime and new. The King is back; long live the King!


One of Australia’s most revered and respected songwriters, Josh Pyke possesses something sought after by just about everyone in the game today: longevity. We fell in love early with the honey-eyed melody and razor sharp lyricisms of “Middle Of The Hill” from 2005’s Feeding The Wolves; a template that has served Pyke well right up to this year’s meticulously crafted But For All These Shrinking Hearts. Never afraid to wear his beating heart on his bearded sleeve, Pyke has been workmanlike in accessing our intimacies over the years with tracks like ‘Memories and Dust’, ‘Make You Happy’ and countless others. As hungry as he ever was, this latest record has been met with widespread acclaim and cements Pyke as our very best.


A neon coated cross between chaos and Morrissey – The Wombats return to our shores with a new album, a new outlook and a new set of smarter-than-thou classics! These Liverpudlian lads, led by the golden voiced Matthew Murphy, are in rarefied air at the moment. Stone cold indie stompers like ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Divison’, ‘Jump Into The Fog’ and ‘Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)’ previously saw them take the mantle as your favourite English pop band but their latest album, the stunning Glitterbug, and it’s singles ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’ and ‘Greek Tragedy’ have removed the English from the equation. Just like their deceptively stealthy marsupial namesakes, The Wombats are impossible not to love.


A band born for the summer, WAVVES! Taking energy, insanity, melody and comedy, moulding them into three-minute instant hits. Initially the solo project of frontman Nathan Williams, this San Diego based outfit has evolved (not without a few chops and changes) into a four-headed machine! Focus on the tunes. Focus on ‘King of the Beach’, ‘Afraid of Heights’ and newest tune ‘Way Too Much’. That’s the sweet spot. It’s the caterwauling guitars, thrashing rhythm section and, most of all, the melodic sensibilities of head honcho Williams, that make Wavves such a powerfully chaotic proposition.


Forged in the fire set by the likes of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, Texan soul prodigy LEON BRIDGES is a performer that, at only 26 years of age is still a young man. The depth of passion, time and experience produced when he opens his mouth though, is nothing short of a wonder. Known for his old school sound and matching vintage aesthetics, Bridges first came to prominence after a chance Austin meeting with members of psych blues band White Denim. After cutting his first record, the irresistible Coming Home (the song by the same name also ranked in the Top 10 most viral tracks on Spotify), a massive record label bidding war broke out; eventually won by Columbia. From that point on there has been no stopping Bridges as he travels the globe winning hearts and minds with that unmistakable voice.


2015’s breakthrough artist JARRYD JAMES has been busy charming the country with his double-platinum hit single ‘Do You Remember’ from his forthcoming debut LP due out this September. The 12-track album will feature collaborations with talented producers like Joel Little (Lorde, Broods, Sam Smith), Malay (who was at the helm for Frank Ocean’s superb Channel Orange), Pip Norman and Matt Corby! Warm hearted and easy going, his second single ‘Give Me Something’ has already reached #1 airplay on triple j with its silky smooth, soul-tinged tones. Failing to stop there, his fresh collab with Julia Stone formed the über lush track ‘Regardless’ – all of which are perfectly positioned to kill it live on the Falls stage!


Deriving her name from the phonetic combination of the words ‘soul’ and ‘folk’ (which she herself describes as odd considering the fact that her music isn’t really either) SOAK is the pseudonym of 18 year-old Irish prodigy Bridie Monds-Watson. Armed with a precious voice and a gift for songwriting as miraculous as it is majestic, her sound would be placed on the same shelf as the likes of Björk and Cat Power. Her debut album Before We Forgot How To Dream was released in May this year to breathless reviews following an unprecedented level of hype arising from her recent performances at SXSW. Tunes like ‘Sea Creatures’ and ‘Blud’ have become ubiquitous as SOAK converts one devotee after another.


Everyone’s favourite felt faced comedian, RANDY has been popping up everywhere of late. Carving out his purple, felty niche on the world comedy stage has been no small mean feat for a bloke with such obvious mobilisation difficulties, but against all odds Randy has thrived. His debut solo show received critical acclaim, selling out seasons from Melbourne to Edinburgh and earning him a nomination for the Golden Gibbo at the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In 2010 Randy joined forces with good mate Sammy J to create Ricketts Lane a live sitcom that has proved to be wildly popular with their legions of fans. All this, and he still finds time to play squash every Thursday evening in Moorabbin


ADAM ROZENBACHS is one of those blokes. You’ll know his face, you’ll know his voice, you’ll know his off-key sense of humour once described as “Jerry Seinfeld with a black heart” but will you ever know the real Rozenbach? Probably not. No matter though because when someone is this quick on his feet, there’s not need for intimacy. Clocking up eight successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows (including several sold out seasons) and appearances on shows such as Spicks and Specks and The National, Adam is a man about town. He’s also an accomplished writer, turning his hand to sport for Before The Game, opinion for The Herald Sun and men’s fitness for uhh… Men’s Fitness magazine.


Described by the Daily Telegraph as a “man destined for big things” and also “hilariously inappropriate” by Beat Magazine, NICK CODY is more than just a man with two first names. In fact, at only 28 years of age, it could be said that Cody has managed to fit two blokes worth of careers into his rapid ascent. Making his name on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Circuit by selling out six years worth of shows (culminating in 2015’s Beard Game Strong) Cody has gone on to headline shows in Australia, Montreal and New York City and has shared the stage with such international superstars as Jim Jefferies, Anthony Jeselnik and Bill Burr – who personally selected him as the support for his Sydney Opera House show.


Brisbanite turned Sydneysider BECKY LUCAS is an up and coming darling of the Australian Comedy scene. Downbeat and composed, her unassuming stage presence and mild manner seem designed to lull you into a false sense of complacency. Then some of her lines jolt you. Her style is the comedy equivalent of putting a silencer on a gun; you don’t hear the pearlers coming, you only know when they hit.


As laid back as comedians come, TIEN TRAN has established himself as a shining beacon on a packed landscape. His first Melbourne International Comedy Festival show If You Don’t Know, Now You Know exhibited a knack for quick wit and ability to hold up a mirror to his audience. Tran touches on Australia’s skewed relationship with race but never lets things get too heavy. Being born here, Australians don’t consider him an Australian and the Vietnamese don’t really consider him as Vietnamese either. This allows Tien to bring a unique outsider’s perspective to his comedy. He’s more than happy to riff on sex, housemates, family and anything else his razor sharp mind comes across.


As the star and creator of the critically acclaimed show Legally Brown, NAZEEM HUSSAIN is one of a rising breed of comedians not afraid to embrace and lampoon their unique cultural heritage. Of Sri- Lankan-Tamil descent, Nazeem first gained notoriety as one half of the wildly successful comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet, along with his partner in crime Aamer Rahman. FOABP sold out comedy shows around the country, he became a regular on triple j and received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Since then Nazeem has become one of the most sought after young comedians in Australia through his work on Comedy Centrals Balls Of Steel, The Project and Q and A. He even supported Dave Chappelle on his recent tour!


Swedish singer and rapper ELLIPHANT is a galvanising SWAT-led assault of MIA-grade political gyration and avant-garde dance. The reggae-pop maverick’s Look Like You Love It EP featured the likes of Diplo, Skrillex, TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek and more. Her second EP is a musical patchwork that’s as warm as it is wild. The intoxicating, yet intricate title track ‘One More’ got a lot of Summer love from triple j and features fellow Scandinavian native MØ. It’s no surprise that as soon Elliphant unveiled the single, it became the “#1 Most Tweeted Song on Twitter”. Equal parts crazy club girl, hip-hop gangster, R&B baller and hippie spirit, Elliphant is going bring some seriously cool vibes to Falls.


Known as the Mexican Elvis (hence the name) or sometimes the Thin Brown Duke, EL VEZ is much more than just one of the worlds finest impersonators of the King. The man, the myth, the legend has been operating for nearly forty years now taking classic tune after classic tune and redeploying them in his inimitable style. And when we say “inimitable” style, we kind of mean “in the style of Elvis”. No one trick pony though; El Vez is the consummate entertainer. His show is a high-octane mix of cabaret, lounge and just the right amount of cheese. Featuring such standards as ‘You Ain’t Nothing But A Chihuahua’ and ‘God Save The King’El Vez can best be described as the love child of Elvis Presley and Che Guevara.


ART VS SCIENCE – what a pack of ratbags. Bursting onto the scene a few years back with the unforgettable single ‘Flippers’ and it’s equally massive follow up ‘Parlez Vous Francais?’ the two Dan’s and a Jim have never been far from our collective hearts. Trading in a thrillingly unique brand of dance pop, the lads are readying themselves for a renewed assault on our senses after spending the last couple of years touring the globe showing off their debut album The Experiment. Newest single ‘In This Together’ is yet another banger to sit proudly next to the likes of ‘Magic Fountain’ and ‘Finally See Our Way’ which means Art vs Science’s return to our stage is guaranteed to push the energy to never-before-seen levels.


One of the most talked about live bands on the planet at the moment is Scottish collective YOUNG FATHERS. Often described as a hip-hop group but more accurately existing somewhere completely indefinable, the description that seems to have stuck is “Liberian/Nigerian/Scottish psychedelic hip-hop electro boy band”. Growing up together in Edinburgh, Alloysious, Kayus and G have been creating music for much of their lives; cultivating an extremely unique worldview and translating it into some truly mind bending sounds. A long road led to claiming the 2014 Mercury Prize with their debut album Dead, followed up this year with White Men are Black Men Too; released to universal critical acclaim.


Is it chillwave? Is it R&B? Is it pop music? Is it dance music? It doesn’t matter. Whatever TORO Y MOI decides to put down, we’ll gladly pick it up. Taking his name from a Spanish expression which translates literally to “bull and me”, this shape shifting artist first came to prominence in 2009 along with the likes of Washed Out and Neon Indian to form an inspiring collective of self made producers. As a dabbler in glacial synths and bedroom beats, Toro Y Moi has gained a reputation as a real forward thinker. You’ll be moving your hips while simultaneously scratching your chin. With his brand new album What For?, it’s gorgeous single ‘Lily’ and a full band in tow, this is sure to be one of the years festival highlights.


The resident troublemaker of Australian rap, SETH SENTRY was recently described as “so laid back he’s almost horizontal”. A cool cucumber he may be, but a chilled exterior hides one of the hardest touring MC’s on the circuit today. After working his way up through the Melbourne open mic scene, Sentry began to gather steam in 2009 when he released ‘The Waitress Song’ - a poignant mediation on a cheap breakfast. Since then it’s been nothing but buffets and expensive avocados for Seth, riding high on the release of his latest record Strange New Past and its typically thought provoking single ‘Hell Boy’. A recent trip to America saw him slay audiences on Jimmy Kimmel live so catch Seth Sentry here while you still can!


One of the hottest new bands in Australia right now, we welcome Sydney’s RUFUS. From humble beginnings in 2010, these three whiz-kids built up a formidable live show which put them on the map Australia wide. Frenetic beats rub shoulders with powerful vocals and eventually make way for dance floor rave-ups that have become irresistible on the main stage of festivals the world over. So popular in Australia are RUFUS that their debut album Atlas went to directly to the top of the ARIA charts on release. Number one with a bullet! This momentum was used to spend the next two years touring the world converting swathes of obsessive fans. The lads now return home with a new single ‘You Were Right’ and an album later this year.


The legendary PAUL KELLY & MERRI SOUL SESSIONS FEATURING CLAIRY BROWNE, DAN SULTAN, KIRA PURU, VIKA & LINDA BULL. A swag of soul-inspired songs and Kelly classics preformed by some of the country’s best young talent – as well as the man himself, of course. The stage is set to satisfy old and new fans of Kelly, utilizing plenty of tunes from his illustrious back catalogue alongside tracks from the new album. The Merri Soul Sessions has a cohesive feel with a warm, holiday atmosphere of relaxed sessions with friends. Perfect for the Falls stage!


Many have tried and many have failed to achieve what London-based duo OH WONDER have managed. Release one song a month, every month for a year on SoundCloud. See what happens. A brave move and a folly in the hands of less talented artists. The thing about Oh Wonder though is; it worked. The public started listening and play counts began rising, rising and rising up into the millions. Anticipation for the next tune would hit fever pitch every month and pretty soon Anthony and Josephine’s brand of gorgeous, soft vocals and heartbreaking emotive qualities were hitting critical mass in the UK. Once they were done releasing, they began playing live. Simples! We’re lucky enough to have them for their first Australian shows.


“Roll up your sleeves” – good advice for the lazy. Get on with it – get digging! For our latest and greatest songstress though, ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ is both a single and a mission statement. Born in Sydney, based in Melbourne and discovered in Perth, MEG MAC has become an extremely big deal in a short space of time. First coming to prominence as she won triple j’s Unearthed Artist of the Year in 2014, this young lady combines head turning vocal chops with a musical nous to die for. Her singles ‘Every Lie’, the aforementioned ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ and her cover of Bill Withers’ ‘Grandma’s Hands’ have seen her dominate showcases the world over and scored her a chance to tour with legendary US artist D’Angelo.


Australians love many things. We love beetroot. We love double pluggers. We used to love Shane Warne. We love making fun of politicians and we love MAC DEMARCO. Yes there’s nothing like getting home after a long, hard day at work, kicking off the King Gees and relaxing to the skewed pop stylings of the Big Mac. There’s something about this blissed out Canadian boy genius that we just GET. Is it the mix of chilled out drums, space echo’d guitars and crooned vocal stylings that we identify with? Is it his bizarre sense of humour? Is it his astounding breakout record Salad Days or upcoming mini album Another One? Who knows? Whatever it is, it’s love.


Wildly popular back home in the UK, THE MACCABEES are beginning to make some serious ground worldwide. They may have decided on their name after picking a random word out of the Bible (for those playing at home; the Maccabees were the leaders of a Jewish rebel army) but there has been very little else left to chance when it has come to the steady rise of these Brighton / London natives. So far, the lads have released four albums of thrilling, intelligent guitar pop; culminating in this year’s Marks To Prove It which features the popular single of the same name. Shape shifting sounds that are both timelessly English and thoroughly contemporary runs through The Maccabees blood – you’ll be hooked.


LITTLE MAY are a big deal. This Sydney folk-pop trio have, in the space of a couple of years grown into one of Australia’s most talked about new acts. Establishing themselves with a string of gorgeous singles (you will have heard ‘Boardwalks’ and ‘Hide’ on triple j) Annie, Liz and Hannah have gone on to sell out shows in Australia and London and grace the stages of Bonnarroo, Reading and Leeds. They’ve also supported the likes of Alabama Shakes, The Flaming Lips and Mumford & Sons – quite the CV! Having just finished recording their debut album in New York with The National’s Aaron Dessner, they’re set to head back to Australia and amaze us all over again.


The fresh prince is back, and not a moment too soon. We were beginning to get a little stressed out here down under. We need a dose of chill. We’ll get one from KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS. We first began to fall in love with his half Springsteen, half Tom Petty, and somehow uniquely modern sound back when he was a part of fellow buzz act The War On Drugs. That love grew with 2011’s solo album Smoke Ring For My Halo and exploded with 2013’s Walkin on a Pretty Daze. Getting ready to release a new album titled b’lieve i’m goin down… in September, with a first single ‘Pretty Pimpin’ just landing, proving to strengthen this romance.


Everybody’s favourite free-form jazz, funk, rock, punk, psychedelic, folk collective – KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD hit our stage for this first time this year to send us deep within the trip. One of the most prolific bands in recently memory, King Gizz (as they are affectionately known) have released nothing short of seven records in the last four years. Count ‘em – seven! The most recent is this years Quarters, a song cycle of sorts in four even parts which features everything you’ve grown to love about these Geelong bred virtuosos – pounding grooves, flute led widgets and psych-based melodies are in steady supply. On stage they are a multi-headed, unpredictable beast; chaos will reign supreme.


What is there to say about the ARIA Award winning trio HILLTOP HOODS that you don’t already know? You know they’re the pinnacle of Australian hip-hop. You know their music is steeped in massive hooks, epic samples, razor sharp lyrics and heavy beats. You know all the words to ‘Nosebleed Section’, ‘The Hard Road’ and  ‘Cosby Sweater’. With their latest album Walking Under Stars hitting our ears late last year, you know their set at Falls is going to be one for the masses.


Question: how many artists from Australia have been nominated for a Grammy over the past few years? There’s Gotye, you could throw in Iggy Azalea, Sia, Keith Urban and M-Phazes and then you might come to a dead end. If that’s the case; you’re not listening hard enough. You’re not listening to HIATUS KAIYOTE. These self-proclaimed “multi-dimensional polyrhythmic gangsters” were nominated for a big-G in 2013 for their incendiary tune ‘Nakamarra’ - taken from their breakout record Tawk Tomahawk. Since then these ridiculously talented Melbournites have gone from strength to strength, recently releasing their second record Choose Your Weapon to massive critical acclaim. Hiatus Kaiyote dodge definition.


Born in New Jersey but now a native New Yorker, rising songstress HALSEY describes herself (via Instagram) as such; “I write songs about sex and being sad. I will never be anything but honest.” A bold mission statement for sure but coming from this prodigiously talented twenty year old – it’s nothing if not convincing. Rising to prominence late last year with her seductive single ‘Hurricane’, Halsey follows in the footsteps of the likes of Banks, Lana Del Rey and Lorde as a new generation of pull-no-punches. Her debut record Badlands (no relation to The Boss) drops in August and as the hype builds and the exposure grows, there’s a distinct impression that it won’t be long before Halsey has the spotlight all to herself.


Arriving very young as a talent to watch on the Austin scene, GARY CLARK JR. wasted no time establishing his reputation. His 2011 Bright Lights EP set tongues wagging globally and it wasn’t long before he was sharing the stage with the likes of B.B King, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy. Clark has also worked with Alicia Keys on several occasions – and it was her that revealed in 2012 his debut album Blak and Blu was ready for release. The album went on to be listed at number 27 on Rolling Stones’ top 50 albums of 2012 as they waxed lyrical about “Clark’s brain-frying guitar solos”. Since then he has supported The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters and even married one of our own in Perth model Nicole Trunfio.


Landing at #5 in the ARIA charts this year with their debut LP The Positions, GANG OF YOUTHS are playing the albums already cherished, polished stadium-indie epics like they’ve been on tour for decades. The album is dense, richly textured and sprawls through numerous realms of sound, with layers of soaring guitars, strings, glistening synths, lingering piano riffs and pockets of glitch – especially magic on tracks like ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Radioface’. Seeing them live is all pounding drums, heavy bass and walls of guitar as frontman David Le’aupepe spreads his wings and takes you along for the ride; cementing them as one of Australia’s best new bands.


Powerful, commanding, idiosyncratic, majestic; FOALS. Who knew way back in 2008 when we received our first glimpse of these unruly English guitar slingers that they’d grow to become the behemoth that we see before us today. Charting a course through small stages to huge, with spiky shards like ‘Balloons’, ‘Cassius’ and ‘My Number’ taken from their records Antidotes, Total Life Forever and the Australian #1 Holy Fire. Foals are primed for the huge impact their new album What Went Down is about to have, featuring the brutal first single of the same name (with a chaotic video clip to match). These guys show that all you need for musical magic is a will, a way and insurmountable levels of enthusiasm.


What to do after your first record, made at home in your pyjamas, unexpectedly goes on to sell 100,000 copies in your home country? What to do when instead of moving furniture you’re suddenly flying to Japan to play in front 60,000 people? What did London pop maestro’s DJANGO DJANGO do? They one-upped themselves. Sailing on the seas of worldwide popularity via their incredible self-titled debut (you’ll know their ubiquitous singles ‘Default’ and ‘Waveforms’), these lads went back to the drawing board and have emerged with Born Under Saturn – one of the finest exponents of relentless melodic witchery seen since the heyday of Hot Chip. As festival fit as any working band today, Django Django guarantee synchronicity.


UK duo DISCLOSURE are one of this decades best acts! Squeezing the melting pot of past dance trends (predominantly bass music and house), into sleek, chart-friendly packages with their catchy, vocal-led pop style. Still riding high on the phenomenal success of their debut album Settle, a release which received soaring reviews worldwide (including a 9.1 on Pitchfork!), with sneaky bangers like ‘Latch’, ‘You & Me’ and ‘Holding On’. The dream team of Guy and Howard Lawrence will be bringing a whole new slew of ready-made classics to Australian shores again this summer in the form of Caracal, their latest album set for release this September. Like a slow-mo sprint across the Savannah – unstoppable.


One of Australia’s biggest exports of the past couple of years, COURTNEY BARNETT. Setting herself apart as one of the sharpest, most original songwriters around with a focus on unique portrayals of everyday life. Her ability to convey those mundane moments, magnifying and stretching them into dense micro-narratives is just the outer shell of her songwriting skills, best demonstrated in her debut studio album Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit. Receiving massive love and critical acclaim around the world, tracks like ‘Pedestrian At Best’ are already hitting the #1 spot on pretty much every ‘Best Song of 2015’ list, including Rolling Stone! We can’t wait to welcome her home to the Falls stages this summer!


Looking (and sounding) like the love child of Jack White and Jeff Buckley, BØRNS is a 23-year-old LA based prodigy. It’s no surprise really – one listen to his debut single ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’ reveals a significant talent. A cascading tune as memorable as it is ethereal, BØRNS brings to mind the likes of Marc Bolan, Jack White and Elton John but with a distinct melodic sensibility that is all his own. There’s something magnetic about his brand of ghostly genre-spanning pop in latest EP Candy that grabs you and doesn’t let go.


Needing no introduction but commanding maximum respect, BLOC PARTY come to us this year in the wake of a new record and a new lease on life. Last time we heard from Kele and the boys, they were spruiking 2013’s The Nextwave Sessions EP; a release that featured unstoppable single ‘Ratchet’. Since then, Mr Okereke has been busy touring his latest solo record Trick and performing at festivals the world over. There always comes a point at which we come home though and, as news filters in that we’ll soon have a record to sit next to stone cold classics such as Silent Alarm, A Weekend In The City, Intimacy and Four, we couldn’t be more excited! One of the defining bands of their generation, Bloc Party are set to deliver choruses so big, they’ll have their own gravitational pulls.


It’s getting a bit suspicious how often BIRDS OF TOKYO are able to put together timeless, hug-your-mate-and-raise-your-glass, stadium sized moments. It’s as if they’re grass fed on the roots of every great Australian band before them, maxing out their ability to hit you exactly where you feel it. Whatever their secret may be, we’re glad they figured it out because without tunes like ‘Plans’, ‘Lanterns’, or their latest single ‘Anchor’ and any of the other various jewels in their heavy crown, we’d be left with a much drier musical climate. Led with soaring precision by everyone’s favourite jack of all trades Ian Kenny, these Perth-born lads are doing it larger than anyone out there at the moment. Long may they fly.


Known to his significant others as Tristan Casara, THE AVENER is a mysterious French deep house and electronic producer. Granted, the words “mysterious” and “French” go together like a horse and carriage, but this bloke has spent years cultivating a reputation as a gun-for-hire ghost writer behind countless club hits, never actively seeking the limelight. All things must pass though and 2014 saw The Avener spending countless hours in the studio perfecting skills and touch that would combine in his global hit Fade Out Lines – an eclectic fusion of blues, jazz and house perfect enough so as to propel itself to the top of the charts the world over. Think Flume by way of Mazzy Star – this is gorgeous stuff.


Yuck! Obviously a negative word. Only uttered in moments of disgust, right? Not necessarily. As far as ALPINE are concerned, Yuck denotes the title not the content. In fact, yum is a more prescient word to use when describing the second record by this Melbourne sextet. All swooning synths and cooing vocals set up against surgically precise rhythm work swirling together to create an eminently danceable whole, it’s classic Alpine. First gaining prominence in 2012 with their ubiquitous debut A Is For Alpine, these world beating chill-zoners have made it their business to hold a mirror up to the finer points of Generation Why?, expressing their discontent in the most irresistible fashion imaginable.